VTU EEE Question Papers 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Sem Previous Year Question Paper

VTU EEE Question Papers 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Sem Previous Year Question Paper

VTU EEE Question Papers – Students can download VTU University EEE Department Previous Year Question Paper for Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Semester Exam. Just click on the subject code or subject name to download question paper of VTU EEE Dept.

EEE Third Semester

10MAT – 31 Engineering Mathematics – III

10ES – 32 Analog Electronic Circuits

10ES – 33 Logic Design

10ES – 34 Network Analysis

10EE– 35 Electrical and Electronic Measurements And Instrumentation

10EE – 36 Electric Power Generation

10ESL – 37 Analog Electronics Lab

10ESL – 38 Logic Design Lab


EEE Fourth Semester

10MAT -41 Engineering Mathematics – IV

10ES– 42 Microcontrollers

10ES – 43 Control Systems

10EE – 44 Field Theory

10EE– 45 Power Electronics

10EE – 46 Transformers and Induction Machines

10ESL – 47 Microcontrollers Lab

10EEL – 48 Power Electronics Lab


EEE Fifth Semester

10AL51 Management and Entrepreneurship

10EE52 Signals and Systems

10EE53 Transmission and Distribution

10EE54 D.C. Machines and Synchronous Machines

10EE55 Modern Control theory

10EE56 Linear IC’s and Applications

10EEL57 Measurements and Circuit Simulation Laboratory

10EEL58 Transformers and Induction Machines Laboratory


EEE Sixth Semester

10EE61 Power System Analysis and Stability

10EE62 Switchgear & Protection

10EE63 Electrical Machine Design

10EE64 Digital Signal Processing

10EE65 E- CADD

10EEL67 D.C. Machines and Synchronous Machines Laboratory

10EEL68 Control Systems Laboratory


EEE Seventh Semester

10EE71 Computer Techniques in Power System Analysis

10EE72 Electrical Power Utilization

10EE73 High Voltage Engineering

10EE74 Industrial Drives and Applications

10EEL77 Relay and High Voltage Laboratory

10EEL78 Power System Simulation Laboratory


EEE Eigth Semester

10EE81 Electrical Design, Estimation and Costing

10EE82 Power System Operation and Control

10EEP85 Project Work

10EES86 Seminar