How to Write Anna University Exams Get Good marks in Anna university

How to Write Anna University Exams

This post by kin india is to explain everything clearly and make you to score good marks in anna university exam and explain how to write anna university exams. First point you need to understand is ” Your not a school student to write what there in book. As Engineering student we need to study lot and explain clear and exact answer to question. There is no necessary to write same as in book.” Staffs correcting our paper will check only keyword we used and meaning of the content. Anna university exam is to test what we understood and how clear we are about concept.

How to write anna university exams – Exam tips

Why Many Intelligent Student Fails ?

With out getting good marks in 12th/ Diploma they can’t get admission in college. Then why they can’t pass. They get confused what to write since they know answer for everything. A Question will have only one answer but can answered in your own words without changing the concept and meaning. Many write for many pages for 16 marks and don’t highlight the important points which will be hidden inside story. Staff don’t find the points and give less mark. In this method they don’t have time to complete all answers missing few marks without attending.

Some students write less than 4 pages for 16 marks. Though they have all important point they get less mark since these points are not explained.

Then How to write 16 Mark Question :

  1. Start with introduction ( Mostly Definition or statement)
  2. List of topics to be Covered ( Sub Topics)
  3. Diagram/Formula/syntax (If any)
  4. On Each topic ( Repeat step 1 to 3)
  5. Now conclude the Answer

Size of Introduction and conclusion will be same for all. Subtopics Size varies according to mark allotment.

** No Need to mention Introduction and Conclusion.

How to write 2 Mark Questions :

Don’t Write story, explain whole story in short. Staff checks for only keywords and meaning of sentence framed.

Example: The____Keyword_______Keyword________Keyword____.

Keyword is the word they expect and frame in simple English will be good.

** Getting good marks for 2 mark questions will help you to score good marks in 16 marks. If you are struggling to pass then answering more than 5 2marks will definitely make you pass Since your paper will impress staff and they give good marks for 16 marks also.

Follow our Anna university exam tips and write accordingly. If you find anything is not correct, please comment it below.


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