How to Pass Aptitude test for a job – Tips to pass aptitude Test

How to Pass Aptitude test for a job

How to pass aptitude test is a question that arises when you are going to take written test that contains aptitude questions. Now a days Aptitude test became compulsory for recruitment and entrance exams. If you are under graduate student you should give more importance to Aptitude exam. To get a job Aptitude test performance is more important. Aptitude test is the gate way to get a job. Even if you are more talented and lacks in mathematics all your talents will be hidden. Aptitude test is very hard for beginners and needs proper guidelines. Everyone says Aptitude test are very easy because it has choices. Really to say its very easy to find the answer but Aptitude test is for testing your skill and your brain power. Who pass in Aptitude test has good understanding skill and they will be easy learner.

100 Aptitude questions to be solved in 1 hour. No one think about time management. You have only 60 mins not 100 min to solve 100 aptitude questions. When you see 1 hr most of them thinks 1 min for each question by confusion. So don’t even have 1 min for a question . So probably you may spend 40 sec to each questions.

Can you solve a problem in 30 sec ?

No way is your answer but we have tricks to solve 1 aptitude question within 20 – 40 sec

Kin India has expert team who can solve problems easier and faster. We will teach you our method for approaching Aptitude test. This is how many students getting more than 95% in Aptitude test.

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Tips to pass aptitude Test

Tips on how to pass aptitude test

For beginners 

  1. Get a Sample Aptitude Questions and check what is that
  2. Try to identify where you saw those question. All Aptitude questions are what you studied in maths. So pretend you mind Aptitude test are very easy.
  3. Find a comfortable environment to practice
  4. Start from basics. Recall all maths formula in chosen topic ( Example : LCM and HCF)
  5. Go through solved Aptitude question carefully
  6. Get a clear idea and differentiate them since there will be different kinds of problems in a topic.
  7. Don’t combine with your friends to solve problem but you can get ask doubts.
  8. Practice some aptitude question for which you have answers. After you solved a problem you can’t find whether your answer is correct so better solve already solved Aptitude questions.
  9. Find your mistakes and where you done mistake
  10. Try to correct the mistakes and avoid in future.

Advanced Level :

  1. Set a comfortable place to learn
  2. Get guidance before you start solving. Find how to solve Aptitude question in 30 second
  3. Read the aptitude question carefully.
  4. Identify the method and visualize the question.
  5. Use paper to work out aptitude questions.
  6. Don’t think wider. Narrow your answer.
  7. Don’t conclude the correct answer unless you got the answer.
  8. Don’t waste time in unknown questions
  9. Use logical thinking for all questions to avoid mistakes.
  10. Don’t get tensed to find the answer for hard problems. 
  11. Now again check unanswered questions and now you have few minutes so try solving it or if no time you use logical thinking and choose answer.


List of Topics in Aptitude Test :

Data interpretation
Logical reasoning
Verbal reasoning
Analytical reasoning

Quantitative aptitude TOPICS

  1. Problems on Trains
  2. Time and Distance
  3. Height and Distance
  4. Time and Work
  5. Simple Interest
  6. Compound Interest
  7. Profit and Loss
  8. Partnership
  9. Percentage
  10. Problems on Ages
  11. Calendar
  12. Clock
  13. Average
  14. Area
  15. Volume and Surface Area
  16. Permutation and Combination
  17. Numbers
  18. Problems on Numbers
  19. Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M
  20. Decimal Fraction
  21. Simplification
  22. Square Root and Cube Root
  23. Surds and Indices
  24. Ratio and Proportion
  25. Chain Rule
  26. Pipes and Cistern
  27. Boats and Streams
  28. Alligation or Mixture
  29. Logarithm
  30. Races and Games
  31. Stocks and Shares
  32. Probability True Discount
  33. Banker’s
  34. Discount
  35. Odd Man Out and Series

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