How to get pass mark in Anna University Exams – How to pass in exams easily

How to get pass mark in Anna University Exams ? How to pass in Anna University Exams? Easy Simple steps to pass

Get pass mark in Anna University exams is very easier if you follow the easy steps to pass given by us. Before starting to prepare for exams read our steps and you can easily clear your semester exam. You can even get S grade.

Pass mark for Anna University Exam

How to pass in Anna University Theory Exams ?

Kin India 6 steps to pass in Anna University Exams

Step 1: Get the syllabus for the subject

Before starting the preparation, first step is to take a look at the subject syllabus. Know what are the things to be studied. Come topics will be present in the book but not in syllabus. Avoid those topics. Get Anna University Syllabus Now

Step 2:Refer Model and Previous year Question Papers

Get model question paper and previous year question papers. Mostly the questions from the past five year question papers will be repeated. Compare and Choose the important Part B questions to study from the question papers. Get Question Papers.

Step 3:Get Good Text book or Notes

Next step is to select the text book. You can easily clear your semester exam if you choose your text book correctly. Mostly it is easy to study in local author books than Standard or Foreign authors book. If you don’t have book, you can refer your notes which will help you get pass mark in anna university exams if it is correct.

Step 4:Select the Questions and study

Before you start reading select the questions to study which you would have found by referring the previous year question papers. Select atleast 5 questions per unit and have a glance at the other questions. Study those questions clearly and mainly study the diagrams(Even practice it many times).

Step 5: Revise what you have studied

Finish studying those selected questions before the previous day evening of the exam. Now you can pass easily in semester exam but you may forget it. So start revising the questions which you have studied. Study the 2 mark questions from the question papers.

Step 6: Present the paper well

Presentation is what makes you get good grade in exams. Choose the questions correctly. Write shortly but include important points. Draw the diagrams neatly. Manage your time. More about how to present the paper and manage time in exam hall

If you follow these steps you can easily pass in anna university exam. You can clear the semester exams easily.

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