Anna University Revaluation Photocopy – xerox copy of answer book, Answer Sheet

Anna University photocopy – XEROX copy of the paper

Anna University Answer Sheet: Every Students have different opinion about Anna university paper correction. But no one give idea to get good marks in exam. This post is to make clear about anna university paper correction.

Lets take real time example:

I wrote well and got arrears. I am strong in all concepts but My friend passed without writing well and  don’t even know any thing.

This occurred for every one. So we generally blame Anna university correction but never thought about how he passed and what you should learn from him. If you ware Einstein and discover new concept and explains to public. Do you think public will understand and say you are genius. Never, They think you are mad and useless. You must impress the staff with your answers. Show that you had written all points they are looking for. Your mistake is you hide all important points inside a long story so they miss to note those. Your friend know very less even don’t know to write story on it but he highlights all points he knows.

Lets Take good Example : Case 1:

This is Mobile computing and Pervasive paper after correction (CSE Department, 7th sem). He got no marks for all 2 mark questions. He attended all 2 marks except Q6 and most of the answers are correct but he not used the words in the answer key. Since he got zero for first 10 questions, he get bad impression and staff will not show interest in looking for answers inside story. So got very less mark for few 8 mark questions and 1 8m Question he got 6marks since that is Architecture diagram.

So visual appeal is very important. This is mistake of student. But few students get low mark for good answer then its mistake of staff. Staff has better knowledge than students. Keep in my they know only concept not each and every line in book you follow.

anna university revaluation photocopy

Anna University results after revaluation :

This paper got “D” Grade after revaluation. If this paper is correctly evaluated he would have got aleast E Grade in Result. This is usual in every paper correction. Everyone makes mistake so don’t under evaluate yourself with your result. If you have confidence go for revaluation.

Case 2 : Engineering Economics and Financial Management is a theory paper and has lot of stories. The paper is from same person above, More than 6, 2 marks are wrong but he got 1/2 marks for each since it has 3-4 line story. And other 4 question are 1 marks since expected keywords matched so got 1 mark for each but overall answer is wrong. And also for all 16 marks he got more than 8m for writing stories.

Few staffs will be liberal and give more marks for these kind of subjects.

Paper correction will be depends only on the correcting staff. Mistakes happen because they correct more than 35 pages answers less than a minute.

CASE 3 : Mistake in Evaluation

Anna University Answer Sheet Photo copy

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