Anna university Answer key – How is anna university Correction Pattern

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Anna university Answer key – How is anna university Correction Pattern – Correcting the answer sheets

Anna university correction pattern is simple. Correcting the answer sheets is based on Anna university answer key. Anna university question papers answer key will be given to the staffs who are correcting answer sheet. Anna university answer sheet is corrected based on Answer key. In Anna university question papers answer key, it has only important points. Students are expected to write those important points present in the answer key. Mark will not be given based on number of pages written which many students think. Anna university answer key will be mostly prepared from the Anna university prescribed books. If you write 16 mark question for 2 pages and contain all important points, you will be awarded good marks. If you study the important points and write in answer sheet, you need not worry how is anna university correction.

Correcting staffs will not look for the exact answer from the answer key. Even if you have wrote relevant to points, you will be given marks.

We have given a sample Anna university answer key with the question paper. Sample answer key is given for CS2254 Operating Systems for IT & CSE.

Take a look at the answer key for anna university and get a idea.

Anna University Answer key Download


Anna University Answer Key

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Question paper for answer key

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