How to score good marks in my 10th board exams – Pass mark & centum

How to get good marks in my 10th board exams

Getting good marks in 10th exam is very important because it will be in your history of life. Your marks decides your future.

Steps to get good marks in 10th exam :

  • Get Blue Print and check properly
  • Find More important Units to concentrate and analyse where you can score more marks.
  • Get Previous year question papers
  • Check whether your analysis is correct.
  • Take a pen and mark all important questions.
  • Start from 1st page and study till last page. It will help you to attend all questions. Actually you no need to learn full book but it helps for back up plan if any question you forgot.
  • Check Exam and question paper pattern
  • Choose what questions you are going to attend and what you going to leave in choice.
  • Prepare well all important topic and questions and keep it in finger tips.
  • Revise once and take test
  • Find your mistakes and revise again.
  • Take rest and have peaceful mind.
  • Again revise whole thing and take test
  • Correct all your mistakes and be ready to attend board exam.
  • Don’t study 2 subjects in same day. Finish one subject and then go for another.
  • you must be prepared well before 45 days of  public examination.
  • Don’t strain your self in studying much. Be limited and complete all your revision before week of exam
  • Before day of just have through preparation and go to bed earlier.

Get up earlier in morning and start revision.

During Exam Time :

  • Before 1 hour of exam have a glance of whole book in half an hour.
  • Last half an hour be calm and go to exam hall with peaceful mind and confidence of getting centum.
  • Go through question paper properly and plan what you are going to write.
  • Schedule properly and finish your exam before 10 min.
  • Don’t forget to present well. Your presentation gives 10% extra mark. Even if all your answers correct you may looses nearly 5 – 8 marks. And also don’t decorate too much
  • Check your answers for 8 mins and all question numbers are written properly.
  • Last 2 min check your paper again.
  • Leave the exam hall only after exam time finished. Don’t come earlier even though they allow. mostly they won’t allow.