Reasoning for IBPS PO Exam Recruitment Solved Question Paper

Reasoning Questions for ibps po exam with answers

Logical Reasoning is one of the most important sections of the Bank PO Exam. Most of the students face problem in this section as they find it difficult to finish the section on time. Problem of accuracy is also there, as during the course of exam, students find it difficult to understand whether the answer they have selected is right or wrong. The problem of accuracy is more in questions which are based on statements, judgmental type of questions, questions based on inferences, assumption based questions etc. These questions appear a bit confusing and also consist of major chunk of the questions.

Reasoning for IBPS PO Exam

How to prepare reasoning for ibps po exam

Reasoning Section will come for 50 marks with 50 questions in IBPS PO Exam 2013. It is a not Difficult section. Reasoning is a scoring section but will take much time.In Reasoning,most of the questions are logical so have to think in different directions.Some students will guess the answer in few seconds,some other in couple of Minutes.It’s totally depends on way of thinking and Practice.

Reasoning Topics and Weight age-IBPS PO Question Paper

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning-10 marks
  • Critical Reasoning-10 marks
  • Reasoning Date Sufficiency-5 marks
  • Circular Arrangement-5 marks
  • Distribution-5 marks
  • Deductions-5 marks
  • Input/Output-5marks
  • Linear Arrangement-4 marks
  • Directions-1 mark

Total Number of Questions-50

Total Marks-50

Practice Question Set on Reasoning for IBPS PO Exam

interactive practice question set on reasoning for ibps po exam 2013

Practice Question Set on Reasoning for IBPS PO Exam