Inplant Training in Chennai for Engineering Students

Inplant Training in Chennai for Engineering Students

WHAT IS INPLANT TRAINING: Implant training means you are trained inside a industry or company for a short time and gain practical knowledge. Many say it as Implant training.

Inplant training in chennai

IMPORTANCE OF IMPLANT TRAINING:  Inplant training is very important for engineering students. They can gain practical knowledge. Engineering students are thought in more theoretical way. If they get practical knowledge, then they will become more complete. Today engineers are not ready for industrial environment and by going for the inplant training they can be ready to work in Industries.

Inplant training Certificate will add value to the resume. Every student should go for the implant training.

Inplant Training in Chennai

Students get the holidays after their exam in December and June. During this time they can spend their usefully by going for Inplant training. Inplant Training in Chennai are provided in many places. They can choose the industry which is suitable for their department and approach them.

Implant Training are provided at the below organisations.

  • HCL, Infosys, Wipro, CTS, TCS
  • Power Station, Electricity Board (TNEB), Ennore Power plant
  • BSNL, ICF, Southern Railways
  • DRDO, ISRO, Hyundai, Nokia, Honeywell, BHEL
  • Many industries around Sriperumbudur, Ambattur, Guindy, etc

You can contact them directly or through known persons working industries

Students should get the bonafide certificate (Permission Letter) from the college.

After the Inplant Training, Prepare Inplant Training report and submit in your college.

Also many institutes are offering Inplant training. UNIQ Technologies, One Yes technologies and many more in chennai are providing the Inplant training in Chennai.

Students should select the correct industry or company for Implant training according to their Department (CSE, ECE, EEE, IT, MECHANICAL, CIVIL, EIE, ETC)


In Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) - Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation, Inplant training is provided for the engineering students for a week time.

Students should bring Bonafide certificate from College and Pay Rs.500/- per student.

Inplant training is provided at various sub stations and power station. Implant training is provided at Ennore power station.

Implant training in Hydro power station is not allowed due to security reasons.