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Idioms and Phrases Questions and Answers

Idioms and Phrases Multiple choice Questions and answers for banking exams, entrance exams or interviews. The Best Online English Vocabulary Quiz for the preparation of competitive examinations with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance exams,IBPS, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerks and IBPS Specialist Officers Exam, UPSC, SSC, LIC, GIC, Defence, IDBI bank, Union bank,TNPSC,etc,. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the idiomatic phrase in the question. Each question has only one correct answer.


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Idioms are expressions that usually cannot be understood by defining the separate words. Most idioms don’t seem to make any sense because their origins are so old. Some of them come from ancient literature or even classic films. Learning the background of idioms can help you to remember them. . For example, if your host mother says, “I think it’s time to hit the hay”, she means, “I think it’s bed-time”! You would not be able to understand her by looking up the words hit and hay. Like phrasal verbs, these expressions need to be memorized as a whole.

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